Thank You for Choosing ITDESK!

We are delighted you have chosen ITDESK for your customer support ticketing system!

The installer will guide you every step of the way in the installation process. You're minutes away from your awesome customer support system!


Before we begin, we'll check your server configuration to make sure you meet the minimum requirements to install and run ITDESK.


These items are necessary in order to install and use ITDESK.
  • PHP v5.3 or greater — (5.3.29)
  • MySQLi extension for PHP — module loaded


You can use ITDESK without these, but you may not be able to use all features.
  • Gdlib extension
  • PHP IMAP extension — Required for mail fetching
  • PHP XML extension (for XML API)
  • PHP XML-DOM extension (for HTML email processing)
  • PHP JSON extension (faster performance)
  • Mbstring extension — recommended for all installations
  • Phar extension — recommended for plugins and language packs